USA Protest 2014 IDSA Headquarters

 "The Mayday Project will be holding a large protest at the IDSA
headquarters in Arlington, VA. on May 22-23, 2014. Please plan to attend
and fight for the rights of those suffering with Lyme
disease. This year change will happen! Change starts with you!"

Washington DC Lyme Disease Protest 2013
 I walked around the protest last year and took photos.  I couldn't stand still I was so nervous.  But as I moved around I realized I knew so many faces!  I had met a lot of people online and now I was connecting those facebook friends with real live people!  It was crazy!  There was around 250 people for this portion of the rally.  It blew by mind that, that many people showed up.  It was like a reunion of sorts.
 I was reading the different signs people made and realized that each one was unique and different.  We all had something important to say in our own ways.  But the theme was the same that day.  We all wanted to see change!
Even people walking by us were curious what we were about.  And when they stopped we handed out fliers and talked to people.  If someone seemed like they were not feeling okay a person would get an extra wheel chair for them.  Or pass out waters to make sure everyone had fluids.  We were aware of each others needs and understood each other right away.  It was likely a big Lymie party!
 As people began to speak, the mood was somewhat somber but once in a while you would hear people chanting different things like "We need change".  Speakers were talking about their own life stories and experiences but they were also talking for all of us. And we showed our support. 
 I was impressed by everyone's passion and determination in unison to bring about a change in a world that did not recognize Lyme Disease.  There was a lot of green clothes, signs, bracelets, even some dogs wore green.  I was impressed by family members, loved ones, and friends who also joined us wearing green and ready to do what they could to help us get our message out to the public.

 I think the thing that impressed me the most was everyone was in this together.  We all understood that.  It wasn't about who did what.  It was about we all brought to the table what we could to make a difference the best way we knew how.

 I really like the graphics on some of the signs because they really sent a strong message. 

These signs below broke my heart.  I understood the pain behind those words.  It reminded me the impact that Lyme Disease has on all of us.  I thought these signs were needed to show the public the depth of our hurt and pain. 


To know more details about this rally and protest this May 2014 please visit their facebook page
Or Facebook Event Page:
Here is a great carpool page for those who gotta travel to go!
A great Flier to invite people to this event:

I personally went to last years protest and I had a blast meeting my online Lymie friends, spreading awareness, and networking.  Its really like a rally, protest and festival all rolled into one!!!

We had several speakers at the rally last year.  And Kermit the frog gave them support.  It was cool hearing different advocates, doctors, and activists not only talk about their personal stories but how they took that journey and used it to help others in their own ways.

There was 250 people at the rally portion of the day

Our first group picture of the day with the most amount of people

After lunch at the food trucks we had a die in group photo taken and then we began our march 150 of us, around the white house.  The walked a couple of miles.  We had a lot of people take pictures of us and video the whole way.  It was the first time was a part of a protest ever in my life.  It was strange having people stop to take pictures of what we were doing.  We just kept chanting the whole way!  "When will you see there is chronic Lyme Disease"  We had one person in front on the mega phone and in different sections in the long line different people took turns chanting loud and proud!  We carried our signs and just kept going!

At the end of the day we were all tired but it was worth the walk!

Please watch the Mayday's Faces of Lyme Video 2014 !!!!

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