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World Wide Lyme Disease Protest--Join US!

My son John 7 at the beach in Maine.

On Facebook a wonderful group is popping up asking for Photo's of those who support and love a person with Lyme Disease.  So Lymies can see those who support them.  If you would like to add your photo please click on this link:

Please feel free to share these photos around.  This is my cat Bayer and he is my furry nurse. This is the Facebook US Lyme Disease Protest page! Please join us and share your story! I am still collecting photos until the end of April.  Here is my current project.
A US Lyme Disease Awareness Video using photos to represent the faces of Lyme Disease Survivors in the 52 states of the USA. To give voice to those who cannot attend rally's and give a chance for those who don't know about us to get an education they will never forget! I plan to post this video all over FB, Twitter, Yo…