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Lyme Disease Awarenes My Way

This photo I took a few years ago holding my camera in one hand praying I got the right angle.  I have no make up on to cover up the acne scars or tired eyes.  I wanted this picture to tell my truth.  I never thought I would be using to tell my Lyme Disease journey in such a powerful way.  Please feel free to share it around.  It really says in few words so much of what I have dealt with while in treatment over the past 5 years. It tells a truth that words cannot express.

I asked my son to draw what he thought Lyme Disease looked like out of curiosity.  This is what he drew.  I was floored.  He understood way more than I gave him credit for.  No child should have to deal with a sick parent.  And I hope I keep getting better from here so he can have a fully operational mom.  I am so lucky to have a beautiful boy.                                                                                                                                                                      
He is …

I just want a break

As a Lyme Disease Survivor you would think I would be used to disappointment, let downs, lost friendships, hurt, pain, but the sting of it never wears off each time it happens no matter how hard you try.  It is very real each time.  I honestly don't know how I can look at going back on treatment again thinking it would be a breeze.  I realized oh too quick it was going to kick my ass all over again.  I can lead a somewhat normal life.  At least it "looks" normal, whatever that means.  I feel horrible at night with the air hunger its like an asthma attack back to back.  I have little relief from the feeling.  So any housework or short walks make me feel out of breath like a brick is on my chest that never leaves and I still have to move on doing what I need to do despite it.  It wears on a persons soul having to push through despite feeling physical useless some days.  You know you have the muscles and the endurance but the feeling is over powering.  I that feeling of los…