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USA Lyme Disease Patients Protest Posters and original songs by Lyme Warriors!

Image SONG ONE MUSICIAN AND SONG WRITERS: GUITAR BY MIKE SAUNDERS AND WRITTEN BY JANE EAMON AND LORRAINE HART. A US Lyme Disease Awareness Video using photos to represent the faces of Lyme Disease Survivors in the 52 states of the USA. If you want to participate in my next video with your photo please email me at  Song Breathe by Alisa Turner and this is her website. You can get her songs on Itunes.

Song by Fornever performed by Myndsight  You can find their songs on Itunes.

William Shakespeakers - outbreak

An amazing rap song about dealing with Lyme Disease in Norway.  Yes it exists there too!  Please leave comments on the Youtube page and hit the LIKE button!  Give this artist some views!  One of the best Lyme Disease Awareness songs out there.

A message from the artist:  "My song about lyme disease, and the health systems which is totally neglecting the situation! Can be bought here: profits will go to lyme research! This can happen to you to!" 

Entering a New Year

I have been getting to the point of 70% wellness but between homeschooling my son full time, being a full time housewife, trying to get bye financially without me working, and trying to at least volunteer teach at our local homeschool co-op and my son now on Swim Team, I am beyond stretched.  I haven't been blogging much about my Lyme journey because I thought I was getting very close to healing and I thought I didn't have much to offer.  Then of course I found out a few months ago my folate was super crazy low also deficient which as a Lymie and Celiac we all know that's not good.  It also explains why I had a miscarriage a few years back as well.  I also carry the MTHFR gene where I don't absorb the folate super easily from my food or supplements.  I need it retested now after a treatment to reduce my homocysteine factors.  I'm sure if this treatment has worked.  I still wait for the all shoe to fall.  I think five years of Lyme Disease treatment ha…