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Truth Out

I have to be honest today has been a rough day.  I got lost the the back roads with GPS and I lost it.  I wanted to scream and cry.  I couldn't get past the anxiety and frustration.  I was unable to navigate roads I knew as a kid.  I was shaking and when I finally arrived at my destination I had to sit in my car.  The thought of dealing with crowds of people made my anxiety worse.  I felt on the edge of the world and all the meanwhile my son needed me to come back down to earth.  I mean I am an adult I should be able to keep my brains together but I couldn't.  I was in pain and I was loosing it. After awhile I was able to get out of the car but my hands were still shaky from the rush of anxiety.  It was embarrassing to not be my happy cheery self.  I wanted to hide what just happened.  I was also having one of those body image days and worried how I would look in pictures.  I felt so ugly.  My skin was broken out but makeup can't make low confidence and anxiety go away.  L…