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I have been dealing with Dyautonomia type symptoms for a couple years now.  I was fortunate to find some herbals that actually help.  I came off them to try to get pregnant.  Now here I am again needing to take them all over again.  The out of pocket cost doesn't scare me, its nothing I haven't dealt with before.  I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I have been off antibiotics (abx) for almost a year and just as I finally recover from a miscarriage by blood pressure, body temp., balance, pulse, and sleeping patterns go whack!  I can't take much more from this disease.  You think you have Lyme disease beat and then there goes something wrong again!  I am even having a hard time focusing on my typing.  Its very frustrating!  I home school my son and my husband works lots of hours.  I feel like someone beat me up again and left.  I was starting to walk 4 miles a week and actually keep up with my busy life.  Now my house and trashed and I just don't care!  I…