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No one tells you that when you have a chronic illness that the past you buried will find you once again.  All the loss, hurt, pain, and disappointment that you knew was there would one day come up again when you are dealing with a current loss, hurt, pain, and disappointment.  Over the past 4 years of treating Lyme Disease I realize I keep seeing this theme of start and finish, birth and death, denial and acceptance.  I see that my chronic health problems have push old skeletons out of the closet.  I can feel like I am out of my mind tired, try to clean the house, balance the bills, take care of my son, the list can keep going.  In my heart, something starts to build.  After a few months I realize how much of a burden I am towing around with me.  Which of course forces me to look at all the other pieces of luggage I am carrying along like, friendships that have ended, disappointments, abandonment, anger, even rage.  By the time my mind stops whirling I realize all the crap I keep in …