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Why am I wearing sunglasses inside?

As a long term, late stage Lyme Disease patient over the past 9 years I have had one constant symptom for most of my life, photosensitivity.  It's rare you find me without sunglasses on my face or head.  Whether it's rain, snow, sleet, cloudy or sunshine, my sunglasses are on inside my house, stores or outside.  I so often see people wondering why the heck I am wearing sunglasses inside a store.  People stare, make comments to a friend or give me strange looks.  No I'm not trying to look cool or pretend I'm a celebrity.  I live in Maine not California.  But I'm doing my best to get through a store with fluorescent lighting, noise, crowds, strong smells, and narrow aisles.  I'm doing my best to cope with all that input.  The sensory overload can be overwhelming, embarrassing and down right frustrating to someone like myself with chronic illness.  It feels like a full body assault and I'm doing my best to cope.  Sometimes if I can block out the bright lights…