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I am back on treatment for Bartonella after almost a year of being off treatment.  It is only irony that almost one year later I have to start paying out of pocket for new herbs, go see my ND every 6 weeks, and stop my 2 miles walks.  The fatigue is back and my magic hour is around 5pm.  I start to nod off on the couch trying to keep up with my son and house.  The floors need cleaning and dishes need to be put away but I am at the point I just don't care I am so tired.  My small body twitches are back too and as I realize all the symptoms that have left and returned you would think I would be tearing my hair out.  Instead I am either anxious or depressed, relationships scare me.  I keep wondering if I am saying too much, too little or just not making sense at all.  Too bad face to face conversations don't have backspace buttons to push every time I make a mistake.  I could use a redo.  I keep going back to certain key relationships in my life trying to make peace with the har…

Put Your Cares Away My Friend

Put your cares away my friend,
pick yourself up and speak softly,
whisper sweet regrets,
And confess your dreams to me.

Put your cares away my friend,
let your feet trip,
And on the way up,
let me know how it feels to be free.

Put your cares away my friend,
leave your worries behind,
take off your doubt,
float in the air,
feel the breeze,
count some sheep for me.

Put your cares away my friend,
unfold your heart to me,
see yourself like I do,
treat yourself with kindness like I will,
realize you are too good to be true.

Put your cares away my friend,
look forward and deep,
see the road before you,
dreams await your attention,
salutations of joy will be heard.

Put your cares away my friend,
you tear yourself apart
you try to heal scares,
embrace the grit and jagged edges,
embrace yourself.