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The Mystery of Life

Don't under estimate misery's blade,
It can teach you to stand,
On one leg.

Don't under estimate disappointment's sting,
It can teach you to hope,
With half a wing.

Don't under estimate grief's torment,
It can teach you to be joyous,
When nothing is left.

Define your life with what you have left,
Not what you have lost.


I am not used to these new boundaries with my health. I can walk up to two miles in a day and the next day I am not in horrible pain that sends me to the couch for days. I am tired a lot and still need some B12 shots. I didn't realize that its common with Celiac to have low B12 and low Iodine. So I have been trying to supplement those and get them from my food. Now that I am homeschooling my son this school year and coaching his soccer team, I can officially say I am doing more than I ever have in 4 years. I keep surprising my family and friends by choosing to walk around town to get places. I have never really been like this and would find a way to get out walking. So I have surprised myself and walking does help bring down the stress. I still have the age old problem of finding time for me. I do have some great support in the homeschooling community and online with my wonderful Lyme friends. It breaks my heart that there are so many people sick. I am getting question…