I am not used to these new boundaries with my health. I can walk up to two miles in a day and the next day I am not in horrible pain that sends me to the couch for days. I am tired a lot and still need some B12 shots. I didn't realize that its common with Celiac to have low B12 and low Iodine. So I have been trying to supplement those and get them from my food. Now that I am homeschooling my son this school year and coaching his soccer team, I can officially say I am doing more than I ever have in 4 years. I keep surprising my family and friends by choosing to walk around town to get places. I have never really been like this and would find a way to get out walking. So I have surprised myself and walking does help bring down the stress. I still have the age old problem of finding time for me. I do have some great support in the homeschooling community and online with my wonderful Lyme friends. It breaks my heart that there are so many people sick. I am getting questions now more and more from parents with kids who were given only two weeks of antibiotics at the initial bite. I am still researching, learning and listening. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever be enough. I am actually starting to see some longevity in my new positive health. I never thought I would be a person who would willingly take so many pills but even with my Lyme pills being downgraded. I still take the basics like multivitamin, probiotic's and so on. I still need good sleep but I think that's more from the higher level of activity than anything else. I still feel like I can move forward but I keep wondering if the Lyme will come back. So far so good. My skin still breaks out quite a lot. I have tried reducing the cow dairy which has helped my stomach. But my skin still isn't recovered yet. The Evening Primrose oil I noticed has calmed the red patches of skin and made my hair more shiny which I like. I don't think all my health problems will just dissolve away with no permanent problems. My hormones are still wacko. I am doing my best to balance them again. I think it will take time to get them back under control. Some of my herbal teas have helped. I have never been one to like tea but the herbal tea has been nice before bed. It has helped me to unwind and sleep a little deeper I think. I will be curious what things will be like in a year from now. I still feel like I am rebuilding my health one brick at a time. I plan to cherish my good health this time instead of taking it for granted.


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