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I find it interesting how I constantly have these nasty little things called expectations. I wish I didn't place them upon people or situations. Because I am constantly let down and disappointed. No one, including myself could ever measure up to my personal expectations. I don't understand why I keep placing them on everything. Life could care less how I think things should go. No one does. Its much easier to go with the flow and enjoy the fun bits that life has to offer. To live in the moment. I just wish I would stop doing this to myself. Its driving me crazy! Letting the expectations go can be hard though. Realizing you have to surrender is never easy. I never though I would still be taking meds to get rid of this Lyme. Its been over two years now and going. I thought I would have been done by now. Nope! That's one expectation that's gone right out the window! I think its okay to want people to treat you with kindness but to expect it is another story. Anything is p…