I have been dealing with Dyautonomia type symptoms for a couple years now.  I was fortunate to find some herbals that actually help.  I came off them to try to get pregnant.  Now here I am again needing to take them all over again.  The out of pocket cost doesn't scare me, its nothing I haven't dealt with before.  I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I have been off antibiotics (abx) for almost a year and just as I finally recover from a miscarriage by blood pressure, body temp., balance, pulse, and sleeping patterns go whack!  I can't take much more from this disease.  You think you have Lyme disease beat and then there goes something wrong again!  I am even having a hard time focusing on my typing.  Its very frustrating!  I home school my son and my husband works lots of hours.  I feel like someone beat me up again and left.  I was starting to walk 4 miles a week and actually keep up with my busy life.  Now my house and trashed and I just don't care!  I am grateful for all of my Lyme friends and their support.  And I am scared at how many friends we are loosing lately.  I don't want to give up but I feel like crying all the time right now.  I just want a break.  I was doing great now this.  I hate explaining why I need down time again to a new set of people.  They just say, "oh".  I get why but its embarrassing.  We have little family around to help and few friends made.  I drove 3 hours total yesterday to see relatives and I am now exhausted.  I need to get my son out but I am afraid I will run another red light again like I did last night when my symptoms came back.  They seem to come out mostly at night but today they are there to greet me from the moment I woke up.  I need to find a way to make some money part time from home.  My husband can't keep working all these hours.  I feel so bad for him.  I don't think I will ever be the one to work a full time job.  I wish I could help out more.  I just am zapped of any energy today.  The room is spinning.  I can't wait for my herbs that I ordered to come in.  I just wish they were cheaper.  I guess I feel stupid I should of seen this one coming.  I wish I hadn't hoped for the best to have it taken away again.  This week is just not my week.  I am praying for a better attitude soon.

Here is some info.  I found about Lyme and Dysautonomia:
Lyme disease can cause dysautonomia. That erratic dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Involuntary processes that are (supposed to be) regulated by the ANS go haywire.
Heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, all in disarray. Enter such things as mitral valve prolapse, neurocardiogenic syncope, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).
Think it's hard to say them? Try living with them.
Connie S. has been living with them for a number of years and she has a few pointers to pass on. Drink plenty of water and use lots of sea salt. This increases your blood volume and keeps the blood pressure and heart rate better bouyed.
Eat small frequent meals. And don't eat sugar or drink caffeine.
"If you suffer from POTS, avoiding standing for prolonged periods is important, but lying down for too long during the day actually exacerbates the problem. If you are bedridden due to Lyme, it is better to sit propped up on the sofa if you suffer from dysautonomia."



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