Lyme Disease Awarenes My Way

 This photo I took a few years ago holding my camera in one hand praying I got the right angle.  I have no make up on to cover up the acne scars or tired eyes.  I wanted this picture to tell my truth.  I never thought I would be using to tell my Lyme Disease journey in such a powerful way.  Please feel free to share it around.  It really says in few words so much of what I have dealt with while in treatment over the past 5 years. It tells a truth that words cannot express.

I asked my son to draw what he thought Lyme Disease looked like out of curiosity.  This is what he drew.  I was floored.  He understood way more than I gave him credit for.  No child should have to deal with a sick parent.  And I hope I keep getting better from here so he can have a fully operational mom.  I am so lucky to have a beautiful boy.                                                                                                                                                                      
He is only 7 years old and he has a deeper understanding of what I am going through than most adults.  Its amazing what kids understand.  He still asks me if I can eat something and if it has gluten in it.  I have Celiac so he tells me when he thinks I can eat something and offers it to me.  He thought it was a bummer that I couldn't eat his pizza with me or oreo's.  He is very sweet.  He gives me a good reason to fight to be as healthy as possible.  I am grateful for him.

I created my own protest poster today and took a picture of it.  This is not the final photograph but I think this says it all.
I will be collecting similar photos of Lyme Warriors posters through the end of April if you are interested in being in my US Lyme Disease Awareness Video.  My final photo will be of my holding my poster.  That's the type of photograph I hope to collect.  But if you want to take a photo of your poster and send to me please do so!  Please send photographs and your name and place you live to
Be a part of the World Wide Protest, Change the World, and help Spread Lyme Disease Awareness around the world in May!

My recent video blog and my feeling and asking you to join the World Wide Lyme Disease Protest.


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