The Myths of Lyme Disease

Off and on for years I've had people tell me I wasn't really "that sick", looking for attention, or I was just making it all up. Things weren't that bad. This is the biggest myth of them all. I am not looking for your pity. Pity hasn't cured me of Lyme Disease. Somedays I wish it would. BUT it doesn't, so why would I look for something that doesn't help me get better or get through the day. I understand we all have problems, and we have a tough economy. Please don't belittle my reality and I'll do the same for you. Can you tell I've had this conversation in my head several times. LOL The only thing I've ever wanted from anyone is a validation and to be seen and heard just like anyone else. I'll take the pills, go see the doctors, and pay the medical bills. No one else can do that for me. A friend on the car ride would be nice once in a while. A pre-made gluten free dinner as a surprise is cool. Hint-hint :) Kidding. In the end, really its about friendship and human kindness. Sending some sunshine somebody's way for no particular reason. Not because I have Lyme Disease, but because I happen to cross your mind. I wish more of us would prescribe to the popular bumper sticker, "Spread Random acts of human kindness." This world would be a better place. Also I have learned to choose my friends wisely and not rely on people who are broken hearted already. Its unfair to ask someone for support when they already have too much on their plate to begin with. My problem is now I make pretend everything's okay until one day I loose and it and cry. I think I talk more openly with my lyme friends about my daily struggles because they understand without much explanation and secondly I can say yucky details without them judging me or getting grossed out because they have weird, yucky symptoms too. Thank goodness for my Lyme's on Facebook, NING, Twitter, etc. Without all of you I would be lost. It helps to have a support group of those who understand.


  1. Hugs from across the pond.

    One day the truth will out and meanwhile it is good to have fellow lyme patients who understand.

    I have been lucky to get my life back but still on antibiotics and with a few lingering symptoms.

    At least I can garden again and help encourage others with Lyme disease.

    Best wishes

  2. Thanks Joanne for your encouragement. Its nice to know that some of us get better. I think all of us need to hear that more. There is hope :) I agree I am gratefully for those Lyme friend that lend an ear when I need it most. Also blogging lets me get all that frustration out and start fresh again too. Nice garden by the way, Beautiful!


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