Where am I?

These days I find myself asking the question, "where am I" ?  At 32 I thought my life would of been so different than it really is.  I was suppose to have the career, two kids, perfect health, plenty of funds for family vacations, etc.  Talk about a dream world.  Too bad life couldn't mimic the movies.  My health doesn't exist, just a few weeks of good then stuck in the big chair, money is okay but we never seem to get ahead because something always comes up like the car, computer breaking down, vet bills, need I say more.  Why does life have to be such a battle for some people and not for others.  So not fair. I don't think the way my life turned out is horrible.  I have a good hubby and son and two furry children.  I am not sure how I went from a day dreaming 20 something to a jaded 32 who laughs in sarcasm when the computer dies.  Maybe I just woke up to the reality that life is tough no matter who you are.  So why Lyme Disease on top of all of this?  Isn't my life nutty enough as it is?!  So where am I?


  1. I relate 100%. I was listening to a woman via podcast recently and she said that if you think you have it so bad and see people around you who seem to have it so great... almost perfect... Remember that God evens things out. They might have a horrible evil spouse or spoiled children or debt up to their eyeballs but you can't see that. Yeah, they're healthy but when I look at my husband and my daughter I feel pretty lucky. The trick is to remember that feeling often. Not easy.

  2. I have friends that are on IV rocephrine and I can't imagine being on the verge of loosing my home. When I remember their stories I am humbled. It is a battle to stay sober and keep a honest perspective on life when you are suffering.


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