Perfect Man

My Perfect man accepts my ways,
Like the secrets on a page,

Looks me up and down,
Twists me all around.

My Perfect man sees right into my eyes,
The way my soul is beautifully wise,

Holds me close,
And breathes me in deeply.

My Perfect man slipped today,
My Perfect man fell off his throne.

What am I to do?
He's just a man.
Who falls all around me.

I tried to prop him up,
I tried to adjust his pose,
I tried to even change his clothes.

My Perfect man just sat on the floor,
Unmoved, unchanged, underwhelming,
What was I to do?

My Perfect man was not a super hero any longer,
Just a man,
With a good heart.

My Perfect man was just a shadow,
Of the real man I was looking for.


  1. Amazing, touching, brought goosebumps. You need to publish this poem in CALDA's magazine lymtimes! I love your blog. thankful to find you. It is so helpful to find someone else in your experience to help keep you going isnt it...I just read you are from Maine. I'm from NH. Year 2 of treatment. My blog is Good luck with the walking!!!! and recovery! :)

  2. Very cool, I will check that out. Where in NH? I've had a lot of wonderful friends from there. Yes it does help so much to find someone that walks along with you on your journey and doesn't judge you for reactions to the bad or tell you how to deal with it but just hangs out and listens. Love those people they are few but precious. Nice to meet you too!


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