Aiming for Perfection

I've been seeing my Naturopathic Doctor for a few years now and the last time I saw him we were talking about my current symptoms and what we wanted to work on next. I told him how fatigued I was so later during the visit he took my blood to test by B12 levels, candida and a few other things. I told I was fine with trying to get my health as close to normal as possible and I would take whatever I could get. He looked at me and said,"why not aim for perfection?" He kinda took me off guard. I never thought with Late Stage Lyme Disease there was a complete recovery. I always thought I would only achieve some normalcy but that was it. I would always be struggling with my health bottom line. I thought I had to be okay with that. I told him perfection would be nice, my heart and mind were not behind that conviction that I could be truly healthy again. I took this piece of wisdom with me and mulled over for days. Could I really get better? Is that possible? We did find out from the blood work that my B12 was low so ever since I've been doing the shots. Ever since then my body has been able to take a lot more busy days and keep going without pain a few days later. I have never had so much energy in my whole life. I have been off antibiotics now for 3 months and I still take my herbs for immune system support. Other than that I've started walking 2 miles every couple of days. If you don't know me personally that might not sound like a big deal. I haven't taken any long walking for almost 6 years. I have never had the energy and the next day my muscles would ache and sometimes I would get nasty headaches with it. My body isn't reacting that like anymore. My family is just not used to me running around like this. I am not used to me being like this. This turn around in my health has given me a new dose of hope that maybe I will reach perfection in my health and become completely healthy. Bring it on! It sounds good to me! I needed that extra dose of hope I was starting to think I would never get over this mountain of chronic illness. I think I will always need to keep an eye on things and I am so used to handfull of pills now that I have no problems taking the supplements that most people should be taking anyways. I think I will keep that up. Now I am learning my new limits which are few and trying to push beyond my old physical limitations without worrying how I will feel the next day. Now I hope this new level of health will last for the long haul.

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