Leave me as I am

Leave me as I am
You never cared worth a damn,
You could never see me as I am,

I am never for pity back washes,
I am not for eyes rolling in your head,

Did you ever need me after all,
You seemed quite fine on your own.

I am right here pleading on the floor,
Do you really need me any more,

Don't ask me for you to stay,
Cause your leaving anyway,

I couldn't love you,
As a ghost,
Mirages fade away.

I'm on my knees begging you please,
Leave my broken pieces on the floor,,
Cause I don't need you any more.
No I won't ask you to stay seeings how
You are leavin anyways.
No I won't turn around to say good bye,
I am done chasing ghosts,
I deserve more.


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