Survivor's Edge

As you can tell in my last post I still have my survivor's edge going.  I have to remind myself sometimes I am not in the midst of a huge battle anymore.  Its kinda like post war times right now.  The recovery effort is still in full effect but the war is won.  I need some basic low level Bartonella bacteria killers like Abart which is basically a bunch of herbs in a liquid that put drops of in a cup of water.  In the homeopathic world its called a tincture.  I call it the Bart Killer. LOL.  I need to go back on this treatment and make sure this last strain of bacteria is gone but other than that I took a hula hooping class for the fun of it.  I have a few small bruises to prove it!  It was a blast.  And I am looking into taking belly dancing classes which I would of never done in a million years.  My coordination with Lyme and friends was non existent.  So now I can think straight and not trip over my feet I decided to try something new that's out of the box and a little sexy too.  Why not you only live once, right...  Well I will have to let you know how that adventure goes.  I did try out a folk dance class.  I did mess up the steps a few times but I was not alone which actually made it even more fun.  We all were laughing at each other.  Its hard to believe I was living on the couch not long ago wishing I had a life and now here I am I am creating a brand new life for myself.  I have always wanted to try out some fun dance classes so here I am.  Getting in touch with my adventurous side.  I still have to watch what I eat and I can get a little cranky when everyone else can eat the crust off a Domino's pizza and I can't have any.  Sorry Gluten free pizza doesn't taste like the regular kind.  Don't believe what anyone tells you, only the real thing tastes good.  Other than that making me feel a little on the outside of things I am a pretty normal stay at home, cat loving, homeschooling, organizing, card making, photographing, cooking up a storm, house wife of Maine.  Yes my life is a regular rock n roll concert :)  At least I can say now when I have a down day or get fatigued which is usually after 5 days of a full schedule I have some pretty great friends that listen and support me.  I have kept my online Facebook Lymies, made new Twitter Occupy friends, and have met some amazing homeschooling families.  Not to mention some of my closest friends are Celiac or on special diets so its super kool to go to a friends house and I can eat anything there.  I really like that.  I even had a friend recently make a full out dinner, drinks, dessert all Gluten Free.  Her brother is Celiac and my first home cooked all GF friendly meal was awesome.  Oh how I loved that night.  I could even eat GF dinner rolls which is a treat and GF cake it was to die for!  I never thought I would meet so many interesting people on this Lyme journey.  So I guess my survivor's edge isn't so bad.  I can get into my I feel like crap, cranky, mean self and I am human it happens.  My neck lymphs still swell sometimes and I have to still be the champion of pill swollower's and make it happen.  I hate big pills but I get it done.  I remember when I gagged at the thought of taking one pill. After Cowden's protocol and Zhang protocol where I was talking herbal, supplements and antibiotics all at the same time I counted one time it was around 30-40 pills a day.  And some liquid tinctures mixed in there.  If I can do that and barely remember my name then a few pills now should be a walk in the park!  I so don't miss those days.  They were not fun at all.  I am very blessed to have made it this far in my health finger's crossed.  I never know if my health will back slide so I am very cautious.  BUT I am glad I have gotten this far.  I just hope it keeps going forward.  And I have lots of personal Angels to thank for getting me here.


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