Dear Representative

My name is Angele Rice and I am a Lyme Disease Survivor.  I am writing to you to ask you to continue to support LD 597---which would require doctors in Maine to tell patients that testing is poor and a negative test does not mean you don't have Lyme, as well as require the Maine CDC to put links to patient oriented websites on their website, like the LDA or  For me this legislation is not about those of us who have late stage Lyme Disease already.  But this is an opportunity for us to protect those today and in the future from Late Stage Lyme Disease.  I was bit by a tick at age 13 and diagnosed with Lyme Disease at age 30.  I have been in treatment 5 years.  I would never wish my journey with this chronic illness on anyone.  And if I can protect one person from this personal hell I will gladly do so.  Please help us protect future Mainer's from this disabling stage of Lyme Disease.  Prevention, education and awareness all matter.  But in the end if a person bit is given antibiotics right away their chances of full recovery is higher than someone in my shoes.  Thank you for listening to my story and taking the time to reconsider all sides of this complicated topic.
Angele Rice To Find your local representative!


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