During the Winter of Lyme

May will mark three years since my diagnosis with Lyme disease.  I am still trying to get in and see a Lyme aware dentist.  I need a cleaning and cavities filled.  I am taking lots of vitamins and minerals on the KPU protocol.  It seems to be helping slowly.  The acne on my face is starting to clean and the pain is starting to lower.  If anything I am so tired by supper time and I need some down time every few days.  I am proud of myself to have made it this far.  I have taken several big steps towards recovery.  I just hope I can continue this upward trend.  I feel closer to my family and friends and I have learned some key lessons.  I doubt the learning will end anytime soon.  I can keep up with the housework for once, sortof, and stop to enjoy the little moments with my son.  I have some many ideas, dreams and goals.  Maybe they have a chance to come true after all.


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