The Trenches

I started a new protocol a month ago and this had been going well without the antibiotics.  I tried to stop some of my adrenal homeopathics and in the end I am flat on my butt as usual all over again.  The hands and feet on fire and burning along with my throat.  My heart racing when I go up the stairs.  My eyes are burning up.  I always get sucked into the thought that this battle will be over one day.  And I will be better and get to live a normal life.  Talk about fantasy land!  I have to go back on antibiotics for a while and I will need to buy more adrenal herbs.  More money out the window.  In the meantime my wonderful 5 year old is driving me crazy with his favorite new trick potty talk.  I am worn out, tired and lonely from all of this.  I am trying to keep my cool.  Its not that easy some days.  I know its a normal kid stage but add a sick mom to the mix and it gets crazy!  I am trying to rest so we can get out a little tonight.  I think my son and I are both feeling the isolation.


  1. If it helps, I know how you feel. My four year is such a blessing but also a firecracker at times. When you are sick, some silliness just isn't funny. I hope you do better on the abx. I just started a small break to detox a little. I can't handle having headaches everyday!

  2. Thanks Sarah, yes being sick tests your patience for sure. I still have people think I am the most patient mom in the world. I tell them how that day I lost my temper and had to apologize to my son. Each day has it challenges and each day has its rewards. Sometimes I think how lucky we are and easy things are then they get hard again and somewhat easier. Its an up and down process. Good luck to you :) Firecrackers are fun and a handful at the same time!


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