Moving Forward

I have been off the antibiotics now for a few months. Other than the fatigue, things seem to be doing okay. The twitches have come off and on. They make me wonder how much permanent damage may already be done. Also keep wondering if it can be fixed. Hubby's been working lots of hours, I've been up and down in my health and my sons social and emotional problems all seemed to get intense this past few weeks. I am glad that the stress level has been brought back down again. And we all have had some good talks with each other too. Now we need to consider what school is best for my son this coming fall. Still doing research but making progress slowly. Its been hard trying to get together with friends. So glad this week is filling up nicely with some alone and adult time for me. I needed to put myself back into my schedual. Now if we can get some family fun time and a date we would be golden. And some more warm temps and sunshine would be nice too!


  1. So glad that you are off abx! I hope you can stay off. I think I am at the end of the abx road but I still get twitches too and that bothers me. I wonder, as well, if there is permanent damage too. Blessings to you as you move forward. Sarah

  2. Thanks S. for your comments :) I have increased my calcium intake and magnesium and that does seem to help. But the twitches still seem to come back at night when I am under stress or dehydrated. I do wonder what permanent damage has been done too. Nice to meet you and Hang in there girl we are not alone!


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