The Season of Waiting

I laugh everytime I hear the saying "hurry up to wait". Lyme disease is such a strange disease. One week you do okay, the next can be pretty good and the next you are sitting on the couch. This happens even with a steady regimine of medicine, vitamins, and other supportive therapies. You can try so hard to get back to "normal" and end up gaining very little. Yet in the midst of this internal battle, life goes on with or without you. This push and pull is where I think I find the most frustration. I call it a good when I can be physically active for a few hours and be in pain the next day. You would think by now I would have given up. 3 steps forward and 4 steps back. On and off antibiotics. I hope this is just a season of waiting for a better quality of life. I hold on to this thought. That this too shall pass into the next season of soaring. Its in the valleys that we develope the wings to fly.


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