Getting Lost

I went to the store today to grab some groceries.  I kept circling around the store because I couldn't remember where they kept the burrito wraps.  Now I've been in and out of this store for 5 years it's two minutes from my house.  But for the life of me I couldn't remember where half the items were on my list.  So I kept wondering around the store hoping I would remember where things were located reading signs over and over.  This is the perfect definition of what we lymies call Fog Brain.  It comes and goes when you least expect it and its like all of a sudden you are a dementia patient that has broken out of the home for a day.  You start to second guess everything you do because in the back of your mind you are worried you forgot something important and it's embarrassing to admit at any age you just have no recall of things you should know off the top of your head.  It can be beyond embarrassing somedays.  I've also said stupid weird things for no reason like I just blurt them out and there is no stop button.  Or my poor husband tells me things I just don't remember.  My long term recall is horrible as its is without Lyme Brain.  When the two collide its crazy.  I lost 65$ in movie tickets and I still can't recall a memory of what I did with them.  Not to mention all the other items I loose then find months later.  Either you cry and hate yourself or laugh and make jokes about this stuff.  It does help to swap fog brain stories though.  Sometimes it's hysterical and funny like putting cereal in the freezer or locking yourself out of the house.  Lyme disease really does affect the mind on so many levels in varying degrees.  So if you love a Lymie give them an extra loving hand as best you can.  And lots of understanding and patience.  We may forgot where the cereal box is but we remember kindness.


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