Black and Blue

The day has torn my flesh away,
my body rots to the bone,
my heart is ripped,
I am black and blue.

My eyes are plucked from my head,
my mind is alleviated of memory,
my soul is ravaged,
I am black and blue.

You keep asking me if what I am going through is real,
Live my proof,
I am black and blue.

You keep starring, as if I am faking this pain,
Walk in my shoes,
I am black and blue.

In all sincerity, I don't give a s--t what you say, my bruises tell the story,
I am black and blue.

Still working on this song. Its graphic and so is Lyme Disease. Any feedback would be great.


  1. Honestly, want to publish a book together??? I am working on it, and I adore your poetry. so REAL. So haunting. Your writing is great, too ;)

  2. Thanks, I have thought of a book mixing poetry and personal story type stuff or short stories but haven't gotten that far. What's yours like?


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