Hello World

My computer is finally fixed thank goodness. I was starting to go crazy not being able to work on certain sites and my photography. I am surprised looking back at all of my photos from the past two years how much I have grown as a photographer. Its the one area I actually have some confidence in. I came off my antibiotics and of course other Lyme symptoms are now acting up. The knee pain, fatigue at night especially around 6pm, my skin is getting better though, and my stomach and vomiting is over with. I just think 9 full months of this abx was enough. Not sure what I will be taking in the future. I just want some sort of balance. If the other symptoms get worse I will need to go back on some sort of abx but I'd rather not if I can avoid it. I just hate the burning hands and feet. It feels like I touched a hot stove and you can't get away from the feeling. I have been sweating through shirts and super emotional too. I can't wait for some of that to go away. Right now I am trying to find ways to earn some money part time online if I can. It would help us out. Not sure what my next protocol will be and switches usually are expensive at first. Especially if I end up on Zhang for the co-infections. I think that will be the next step. I still take all my other meds and I do okay during the early afternoon but the night and mornings take a while to get through. I feel like an inch worm during those times of day. I am surprised at how much christmas shopping and decorating I've gotten done despite how I feel. I just need some more direction in my life and new goals and dreams for 2011. A little fun couldn't hurt either. This rain and lack of sun doesn't help either. It makes for a depressing entire day. I have been trying to get out with my son and not stay at home all day. I have found some great homeschooling families in the area and even though our schedual and life circumstances are crazy, people don't mind at all. The other moms are willing to get together when ever we are able. That's been a big help. Hoping to get together after the holidays. Not sure if I will homeschool next year because when I'm sick we don't get as much school work done but it has helped my son grow in certain areas where he was behind. Which is super cool! I have no clue where this crazy life will take me but I want to get a support group going in my area by the end of 2011 and maybe get my story in the newspaper around here. Not sure yet how I feel about that. I just get sad when my mom or husband tell me of another person with embedded ticks and given NO treatment. So sick and tired of hearing this! Time to get moving!


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