It blows my mind....

It really does blow my mind how much one persons body can go through yet the human spirit lives on despite it all. I marvel at our ability to live everyday, to find the good pieces and hold them tightly. People have told me I am strong. I rarely ever feel strong. I guess weakness is the new strong after all. I think its more like vulnerability that is seen as strength. And it is! I am amazed at how our society watches people suffer to see what they will do. Its human nature I think. I think we all wonder the special ingredients it takes to overcome insurmountable odds. So what are they? When I have that figured out I plan to let everyone know! I am still learning what that is for me in this life with my own set of circumstances and state of health day to day. If I have learned anything after three years of treatment is simply this to never loose heart, be truthful with the pain you are going through the right person will listen eventually, and don't loose your humor. I am sure there are more magic ingredients to be found. Some days I am shocked I made it through out totally loosing my mind. Music, photograpy, my sons laughter and my husbands hugs also get me through the tougher days. I start to crack when my core relationships become stressed, my health goes down, financial woes come back to the surface and life just seems uncertain. Poor health on top of this crazy life at times just seems too much to bear some days. I am amazed that when I come out of those times, how I am able to look back, learn, accept, see the truth of this tough life and realize how lucky we are to have each other. Lyme certainly reminds you of what is truly important. I should try and sleep lets see how that goes :) Sweet dreams

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