25 Random Things About Me

1. I have always wanted to race a car at Indie 500 and let it rip.
2. I tend to come up with random tunes for songs, lyrics, or choreograph dance pieces in my mind and then totally forget what on earth I just came up with.
3. I like the feeling of my bare feet on any surface in just about all seasons except bare foot in the snow, that's not happening.
4. I wish I had a sibling to grow up with and I have always wondered what that would be like.
5. Photography is my escape from reality. I can tune everything out and just focus on the shot I want.
6. The wheels of my mind are constantly turning and I rarely get a break from it. Cooking and photography quiet my busy mind.
7. I have always wanted to meet the Queen of England, do a formal curtsey and have a tea and chat.
8. I want to travel Europe someday.
9. I want to leave my mark on this world before I leave but I have no clue what that is yet.
10. I have never been a bride's maid in anyone's wedding.
11. I have never been drunk, smoke a cigarette, smoked anything else, or done anything else illegal.
12. I was almost arrested one time with an insurance mix up with my car and the registration was flagged and it was considered illegal to drive that vehicle. I was given a pass to drive to work and back home only. At work I told my co-workers that I had quite the morning almost being arrested on my way in.
13. When I was a senior in high school my mom and I went to inner city NY and on the subway between Manhattan and Brooklynn trouble makers shot at the subway car I was in. The window the bullet hit was across from me. I fell down and fainted. I just remember waking up and everyone yelling "get down". Glass flew but no one was hurt.
14. I have hiked up Mt. Katadin with my parents two times.
15. I have always wanted Suz's personality, Darrah's intellect, Sarah's Passion, Jonathan's Loyalty, Laura's mind for science and math, Ben's gentleness, my mother's artistic talent, my father's musical talent.
16. I love watching award shows for music, acting, dance, etc.
17. I like old and new war movies and old and new western's.
18. Since the first day I saw my husband, I thought he was hot stuff and I still think he is :)
19. I feel bad when I see parents yelling at their kids in the stores.
20. I hate it when people go in the passing lane on the turnpike and decide to go under the speed limit and I can't go around them.
21. I can't stand having my picture taken even now, only three pictures I like of myself; my little facebook icon picture with me and my camera, my wedding day, and the day my son was born.
22. I am not a big fan of the complete dark or high heights.
23. I have always been interested in forensics.
24. I memorize license plates to keep my mind busy while I'm driving.
25. I have been on the news once and in the newspaper I think five times.


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